MANIFESTING: are these 3 things holding you back?

the cursed hows

I am in recovery for this one, big time. My M.O. was always to have an amazing idea, get super stoked + work hard on it for a few days and then let myself get totally swept away by wondering “how” it was all going to play out. Totally killed my buzz and I eventually just gave it up and marked it impossible. Looking back, my ideas WERE great, and they probably all would have gone somewhere had I not tried to control everything about it.

So, whether or not you are trying to manifest a vacation to Italy or a career move, let go of how it is supposed to look to you or how it comes to you.  If you want to manifest more money – do not limit how that money will come to you, meaning don’t think you have to find a better job or get promoted. It can come in all sorts of ways, and honestly, the universe sometimes likes to mess with us and deliver it in the ways we least expect.


want> need

You know when you check your bank account after a weekend of not spending ‘too much’ money and then you realize: HOLY SHIT I spent WAY MORE money than I thought.  Or after you pay rent and all your bills + you feel absolutely drained? What’s your next thought going to be? Probably, I need more money, right?

So it’s that need that stops us from manifesting, because ‘need’ always comes from a place of lack. And the law of attraction is pretty simple: you receive more of your vibration. If you are vibrating at need, you will continue to need. If you are vibrating at abundance + gratitude, the universe will continue to deliver you things to feel grateful and abundant about.

So whenever you are working to manifest anything, make sure you shift into a state of gratitude. If you desire love, act as if you are already there. If you desire more freedom, act as if you have all the freedom in the world. Feel grateful for having what you want. Another key element is visualization! When you can live in your desired state in your head, you are giving the universe the vibration to match, because it can’t tell it’s in your head. It can only feel your emotions. The more you visualize and feel as if all your desires have happened, the more the universe understands what to deliver.


you’ve skipped the action part

Some people have the tendency to forget that they play a crucial part in manifesting what they want. For example, if you want that promotion, you have to be proactive. If you want to start your own business, you have to build it. If you want to be a successful performer, you have to try out. The law of attraction demands that you use your mental, spiritual and physical selves – not putting physical energy toward your desire will ensure you do not receive it.

So when we are trying to manifest something, it is super important to remember this formula: intention + action + visualization = results. 

Happy manifesting!





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