Light Vs. Dark

Something I have run into more than once in our spiritual community is a fear of darkness. I see it manifesting in different ways, ranging from avoiding objects perceived as being dark (skulls); constantly cleansing; not reading/watching/talking about anything that has dark elements in it. 

I came across this passage the other day: “the darkness is not the absence of light, it is dense light.” They were speaking about black holes and how they are the ultimate symbol of darkness. But they are just dense light. This hit me like WOAH. This is humanity. We all have the presence of light, but sometimes it becomes too dense and cannot flow properly. 

Lightness and darkness are not mutually exclusive. And when you become so fearful or avoiding of darkness, it manifests as a shadow self, which causes it to leak out in bizarre ways. 

Of course, this is colored by my own experience. I am well acquainted with my darkness. I have been in dark relationships. I have used and abused my body. I have been cruel, to myself and others. I have put myself in extremely compromising situations. And while I look back on these times in my life and it feels like it was a different person or an out-of-body experience, I am not afraid of everything I’ve done. I am not shameful. I don’t avoid talking about it. The reason why the ‘dense light’ resonates with me so much is because I have never felt disconnected from the light. Even in these times of darkness, I was loving, caring and wise. I was not grounded and I was not connected spiritually, so I had too much energy flowing from my sacral to my third eye and back down again, and it caused me to act out in pretty text-book ways. 

It is only when you are aware of your inherent darkness that you can transcend it. "A path which has us avoid the darkness is a path which can never bring us to true freedom and full knowledge of our immaculate Buddha Nature."

Blaire PorterComment