The Body Journey

"I am incredibly grateful to have been introduced to Blaire Porter.  The healing journey I took guided by Blaire was one of the most life changing and empowering experiences I have ever had.  Blaire taught me how to look inside myself and seek the answers I have been looking for my whole life. She helped me breakdown obstacles that have prevented me from moving forward into the future with the joy and spiritual awareness I was eagerly searching for.  She taught me visualization methods and gave me helpful communication tips that I use to help guide me through each day.   I am forever thankful and I am excited to learn more from her." - Michele

In both my personal and professional work, I have found that establishing a dialogue with the body is wildly transformative. We live in a world that asks us to constantly push forward, and to ignore our intuition in the process. It is in slowing down and hearing all parts of ourself that we unlock our healing potential and reclaim our power. 

Our body is a reflection of our heart, soul and intuitive self. It holds all of our memories, traumas, thoughts and feelings in its cells - it is also one of the most overlooked facets of healing. When we want to release blockages or gain clarity, going into our body is critical. It will always give us the information we need. Beyond that, opening up this channel allows us to ground into ourselves, bringing more stability and understanding of self. I am so passionate about this work because it is the foundation in claiming our sovereignty, personal medicine and the understanding that we never have to look outside ourselves. 

During these sessions, we work as a team. After a brief conversation about what you are experiencing, I will guide you into your body - either through the chakra system or areas of the body that need more tending to. I will be sitting with spirit and working intuitively around where and what work needs to be done in these spaces. You will be telling me what you find there. Afterward, we will go over it and I will offer some suggestions around how to integrate the journey. 

Sessions range from 45 minutes to 1:15 hours. At this time, my standard rate is $111 an hour for those who are able. However, I offer sliding scale which means you pay what you can. Please see my sliding scale page for more information on that.



I honor my teachers: Stacey Jones, Ylva Mara Radziszewski, Lauren Herold, Suzanne Jordan, Eileen Alexander, Liz Donohue, Lee Van Zyl.