When I work one-on-one with people in opening up their intuitive senses, a bulk of the conversation and practice is centered around building the dictionary. Because there isn't much point in receiving information if we don't know how to interpret it, amirite? But we can't simply go to google and ask for the symbolism. Sometimes that works, but it is far better to see what it means for you personally. 

There are a couple of ways to build your dictionary, but I have found it is easiest to make progress with this when doing readings for other people. Below I have outlined how to connect what you receive to the message as well as how to intentionally do so. 

So here is an example:

Maybe I'm reading for someone and I see an image of an old factory, there are giant wheels/gears moving on their own accord.
I may ask my client if someone works in a factory and the answer is no, so now that I have eliminated that, I have to figure out what in the hell it means. 
I ask myself...

Is there anything about the image that stands out? Can I sense the meaning? If not...
What do I associate with old factories or large gears? Answer: my grandfather
What does this image mean to me? Answer: Working hard, being resilient and paying your "dues." 

The message to them is an encouragement to continuing work hard and literally "grinding" like those giant gears (or starting if they are not already). 

From here, I can file this symbol away in my database for the future. 

If you received a feeling in your body, to get more information it is helpful to ask:

What colors would I associate with this feeling?
What emotions are here?
Do any memories come up when I sit in this feeling?
Any other questions that feel relevant or like they need to be asked. 

From here the message should surface. If not however, you can always ask for the information to be presented in a different way. 

You can also actively build your own dictionary. Simply create a list of things, ie: a rose, wings, briefcase, glasses, etc., sit with each for a few minutes, and establish what each means to you.

Rose = romance
Wings = guardian angel
Briefcase = white collar job
Glasses = computer work

Write it all down so it is concrete and add to it as you please.