We hear the word 'chakra' thrown around a lot...but how many of us really KNOW what they are? Until a couple of years ago, when I heard the word it was usually accompanied by a sarcastic tone of voice and an eye roll. Depending on your upbringing and/or who you are surrounded by, your mind might be closed to this subject. And if it is, that's okay, just keep reading.

You (yup, you, my dear) have 7 energy centers in your body that are responsible for the connection between you and universal energy. (!!!) There is BIG work that is happening within you 24/7 --whether you know it or not.  Ideally, you are in the know. The reason you are reading this is to become in the know. And once that happens, you will experience subtle shifts in perception and/or speed-of-light, blow-your-mind, life altering changes on the reg. On board yet? Good. Let's get to work.

The 7 major chakras are located along your spine. When one falls out of balance and becomes underactive or overactive, it can take a small or serious toll on you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Your chakras are heavily influenced by your environment and life circumstances, and in turn, your chakras heavily influence how you move throughout life.

Your chakras can fluctuate throughout the day but can also become chronically imbalanced. (Cue personal example: From ages 4-15 I lived in one house. I loved the house. All my fondest childhood memories take place in that house. When I was 15, my dad dropped the bomb...we were moving. I never fully processed how hard it was for me, and because of this,  I spent 10 years chronically ungrounded. I felt at home in myself, but never a place. Once I became aware of this, I was able to clear the energy around it and work on my 1st chakra, but it went unnoticed for a very long time).