There are lots of different ways to develop our intuition, however sometimes it feels like we cannot do anything on our own. And some of us also don't have people who feel safe for us to practice with. 


Put it in my Hand
Close your eyes and hold your hand out (you can also do this in your mind's eye) and ask for a gift/symbol. You may immediately see something in your hand, or maybe you feel something. I love doing this in readings as a way of asking for a gift for the person I am reading for. But I also use it with myself when asking for a message or information and it works great. Try incorporating it into your personal practice first and then trying it with other's. 

Scanning a lifetime
This is for when you are reading other people - I have never done this in a professional reading but it is fun to do with other people. You begin by closing your eyes and taking one of your hands and putting it off to the side out in front of you. The intention is to scan a person's lifetime by moving your hand (the beginning is birth and the end would be them now). As you move your hand, you are trying to sense for resistance or a stuck feeling, it should feel like you can't move forward as easily. When you reach that stuckness, use your intuition to identify the age. When you are just getting the hang of it though, you can always write out ages and move your hand along the page like this:


Explore the Space
This must be done with someone else, and it's pretty simple! You just connect with a space your friend has lived in before. Ask them to mentally connect with a previous home that you have never seen before, close your eyes and then imagine yourself opening a door, and when you get through the door, you are in your friend's home. Begin to explore the space and either write down or say out loud what you see. 

It is important to note that you may see houses or apartments of people you know or places you have been before. These are valid - our intuition often uses personal memories or experiences to convey a message (this applies to things outside this exercise). 

You also may see things that aren't exactly "accurate" but are symbolic of something else. Ex: you see crown moulding. Maybe there isn't any crown moulding, but what does crown moulding mean to you? Wealth, perhaps. So you know that this person's house was nice or their family was financially comfortable. 

Read the Card

Grab a deck of any kind - tarot, oracle or even a card deck. Shuffle the cards and put one in front of you, face down. Spend a couple minutes intuitively connecting to the card. You are not trying to be able to name the card verbatim (though if you do, that's great) but see if you can get a sense for the colors, the imagery or figures on it, the general message of the card, symbols, etc. Consider writing down what you are sensing from the card and then what the card was, see if you notice any patterns in what you are intuiting, ex: water = cups in tarot. 


Spend a couple minutes in the morning trying to tune into the day. Ask for any information or messages you need for the day, see if you can predict anything you might see or what to expect, ex: my boss will be in a bad mood at work, I'm going to hit unexpected traffic, etc. Do this without tuning into specific people to see what to expect from them. 


interactive exercises

It is a challenge to create these exercises because the answer key may leave a lot out (unintentionally). When I do these 1-1, it is easy for me to bridge the gap with people in terms of what they are receiving and what it is translated to. You may not get much of anything, you may get one thing or a few things. This is practice. Of course the big questions is "how do I do a reading?!" It is actually pretty simple, you clear your mind, focus on the thing you are reading and just simply be open to receiving information. If you get things that are not on the "answer" list, feel free to reach me on the facebook group and ask!

Read my Space

You can read my childhood home! Following the instructiona above for "explore the space" and connect to my childhood home (ages 4-14). Write down whatever comes up for you (this may be physical or energetic info) and then compare it to this list.

Read my Puppers

Clear your mind and soften your gaze while looking at each dog. See if you sense anything about these dogs, whether personality or behavior or interests, ie: "loves to dig" or "smart." When you are done, you can find some info about them here. 

IMG_2597 (3).jpg

Read these Humans

Here is some loose focus points for reading people, establish:
Do I like this person? What is their personality like?
Any colors come up for them?
Can I sense where they live?
What are their interests?
What do they do for work?
What is their family like? (siblings? both parents? healthy/dysfunctional? etc.)
Are they in a relationship?

*A couple notes on reading humans:
- Your ability to read them is affected by their energy. In addition to that, we connect to some people more than others - you may receive a lot with some people and not as much (or nothing) with others. 
- You could potentially pick up on things from their past - sometimes it is hard to distinguish past from present. 
- You may unconsciously project or interpret what is happening with them as something that has happened to you. Or you may think what they need is the same as what you needed. This is not always the case (rarely is) so stay away from filtering things through your experiences. 

Again, this is PRACTICE! So do not be hard on yourself and try to have fun with it. Only read these people in terms of the above - do NOT dig any deeper. You can find their "answer key" here. Also feel free to reach out to me on facebook if you have any questions about what came up for you.