In my own healing process, as well as those I observe through my business, I have noticed some trends regarding the intersectionality of sexuality, physical health challenges and the patriarchy (amongst other things). But I have yet to find much research that supports my working theories! I am a gatherer of information and always consider myself a student first and foremost. This is where you come in, I would LOVE to interview you, if you are open to it!


I am in such deep gratitude for your willingness to share you story with me.

This is a two-part process:

1) the form below will help me prepare for our interview and pick the most relevant questions.

2) The video call (or phone if need be)! I want to make it as easy as possible for both of us so I would LOVE it if you could schedule your interview via my calendar. All you have to do is click HERE and then click "1 hour interview." It will take you to my calendar so all you have to do is pick a time - PLEASE NOTE - the calendar is in Pacific Standard Time (I am in Seattle, WA) so please keep that in mind! 

Again - thank you. so much. 



Do not feel pressured to write a lot! The interview is the most important but I just want to gather some background info first . 

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Please select all that you have experienced: *
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Don't feel like you need to write a whole bio, though I will happily accept that if you feel called. Just an idea of who they are as parents + humans is perfect.