Your Container

Your practice, your thoughts, your energy, your body - that is your container. A strong container allows us to do this work, to be able to go as deep as we want and not be affected by others' energies/words/behaviors. It also allows for us to feel safe and grounded as we do our own healing work. If you want to develop your psychic power, it is important that you have a strong practice and are grounded within yourself. It is imperative that you know your personal energetic system - how it is when you feel good, not so good and everything in between. You have to know what is yours and what is not yours. It is important that you do not unconsciously take things on, or when you do, you are aware of it. 

I do not believe in telling people what they "must" do. We are all different and therefore, I cannot tell you what will work best for you. But, I will encourage you to explore what those things might be and what activities you can do that make you feel empowered and grounded within yourself. Understand it may change over time, that is okay, and allow for that to happen. Do not get down on yourself if you stop doing something, allow it to fluctuate and move on to something else that feels good for you. 

Meditating vs. Journeying

 When developing our intuition, most people automatically think of meditating for hours on end. And while meditation is great, it is not absolutely critical. I almost never "meditate" in a typical fashion – I do something called journeying, which is in the same realm but very different. However, I didn’t start journeying until well after I already established myself as an intuitive. So while meditating is important for some people – it may not be your thing. That’s cool. Don’t believe you can’t be intuitive if you don’t. Again, you already are simply by being a human.

So who does meditation help?

The practice of meditation is centered around quieting the mind and finding an inner calmness. You essentially want to get to a space where you have no thoughts. Meditation is helpful for those of us who struggle with overthinking as it gets you in the habit of being more present and less reliant on going over all the possibilities in your head. More importantly, the practice creates a silent space within you that you know you can return to if you need it.

However, you can create this silent space in a number of ways. I consider cleaning, walking, some workouts, singing and driving all to be meditative for me in their own way. I am not a classic overthinker, but all of these activities feel like an opening to me. I recommend having a mindfulness practice, no matter what it is. This silent space is needed because it allows you to move from a space of logic to a space of intuition – both of these things are located in our 3rd eye chakra. The more we can create an emptiness of rational thought (especially if you struggle with overdoing it) the more we are able to hear our intuition.


As for journeying, it is my preferred thing because it is more active and I always feel like I get clarity, where I personally don’t experience that when I meditate. There are various ways to journey, I practice the northern traditions – so I journey to Norse deities (Odin, Freyja, etc) and use Yggdrasil (the tree of life) as a guide and journey to different places within it. However, you can journey to different things - your higher self, to a guide, ancestors, etc. 

One thing I will say though is please do not google "shamanic journeying" and do whatever you see first. Contrary to popular belief, shamanism isn't specific to Native Americans or Amazonian tribes. The term actually originated with far northern European and Siberian people, but each indigenous culture has a spiritual practice that is unique to them. I recommend doing research into your own ancestry and lineage and see what you find. Some key phrases that help are: "(insert place, ie: Ireland) witchcraft" or "Irish paganism" or "Irish myths" or "Irish spirituality pre-Christianization." Please do not take on a practice that is not yours - part of being an intentional, spiritual person is understanding that you are not entitled to everything. Just because something sounds great, does not mean you should do it. And do not trick yourself into thinking that Spirit is asking you to do it because you stumbled upon it. 

You must earn your practice. 

A quick how-to
Journeying is actually pretty simple and intuitive, you begin by setting your intentions, ie: where you want to go, who you want to see, what you what to find out, etc. Then you use sound to take you out on your journey (drums, your own voice, tapping, etc) - you may begin by actively visualizing the intro, perhaps you are walking down a path or climbing a staircase or in a boat. Then simply open yourself up to the journey, let yourself take a backseat and allow the experience to unfold. 

You may feel like you are making it up or are not getting anything - that is okay! It can take practice and sometimes we connect more easily than other times. If you find you are struggling, I recommend spending a few weeks solely doing body journey's (the audio recording in the body section is great starting place) to get accustomed to the type of work. 


Your Guides, Spirit + Signs

I often get frustrated with people when I hear them talk about their spiritual experiences because they talk about it as if they are at the center. They mention all the signs they've gotten, messages they believe their guides sent them, how someone told them about Ganesha and they now believe they are supposed to work with Ganesha. 

And this is the thing, we do get signs. Our guides do send us messages. But most often these people are approaching spirituality in a self-centered way: they have an idea of what they want out of life and they believe Spirit will help them get it. 

But this is the thing, it is supposed to be a relationship. Meaning, we are in service. We ask what they need from us, how we can serve them, what else we need to do. It is not an endless stream of "please send me a sign." So as you continue your journey tapping into your personal psychic power and your relationship with Spirit, please keep this in mind. You will get the opportunities to create the life you want, and Spirit will always meet you in your dreams, but you have to do your part. 


Most often, we miss our signs. Spirit is subtle. And humans aren't the most observant of creatures. But this is okay! I don't have much to say on the subject of signs and what they mean, besides this: do your best not to google it. Google is a great tool and one of my favorite things in the universe, but I do not often google what things mean anymore. You will always get different answers and most likely it will be watered down information.

If you see the same thing (animal, number sequence, herb, etc) multiple times ask yourself: what is the message? It is helpful to journey to it or to meditate on it. For example, if you find yourself mobbed by crows everywhere you go, take a few moments to sit quietly and meditate on the crow or journey to the crow. Ask it what its message is for you and what it wants from you.