In the first mediumship lesson with my teacher Stacey, I began reading for her within 10 minutes. Which was kind of bewildering...didn't I need to read or study or something?! She threw me out there, literally, to the spirit world. I came back with a man, who passed in his 20's. It felt like he died in some sort of impact and had head trauma. I also received that he was surrounded by green in his job. She smiled at me and said "You have Michael. He died in a motorcycle accident and he was a landscaper."

Nothing could really prepare me for that. I certainly wasn't expecting it but my body was buzzing - extending me its invitation to explore this work further. It is now months later, and I still get that feeling of excitement in my body. To offer assurances, messages, insights and comfort to those I am reading for is beyond words. And to think, I once considered myself a skeptic!

I fully believe in this work and it has been amazing to learn the process of channeling Spirits. However, there are a couple of things I think are important for people to know.

Every medium is different. We all perceive information differently depending on which of our clairsenses (seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, tasting, knowing) are most developed. I have found that in my mediumship practice I feel, see and know the most, whereas in every day life I have more of a knowing than anything. One medium may be really great at getting names, another may be better at memories. It really just depends, but it is best to not have any specific expectations about what you are hoping to receive, ie: a nickname or "code word" you have given them.

I also think it is important that people know that spirits present themselves in death the same way they did in life – otherwise, you wouldn’t recognize them. A stone-faced uncle won’t come in with a loud and funny personality. This means that someone who doesn’t communicate very well in life, probably won’t in death.

It is also very possible that a spirit may come through for you that you did not personally know. For example, my grandfather always comes through and he passed before I was born. I know it is him because I know enough about him to be able to say with certainty who it is, but be prepared for that possibility.  We can always try to connect to a specific person you want to speak with (if they don’t show up initially), but it is not guaranteed.

If you have any questions, please let me know!

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