If and when you decide to do this work professionally - whether as a card reader, medium, intuitive, mind-body practitioner, etc...here are some things I've learned are super important. 

1) Boundaries (yes, again!)
Boundaries are important in all relationships, and the practitioner/client relationship is no exception. You need to consistently check in with yourself around what feels good for you and what doesn't. For example, are you okay if your sessions run a bit long? Do you want your clients to be able to reach out to you in between sessions? What sorts of questions/things are you happy to answer without payment? (I.e: a clients texts you about a dream, are you happy with talking her through it or do you tell her to remember it for next session?) These are things that will continue to come up as you do your work, and we learn from it each time, but going into it, I recommend not over-promising. It is far easier to begin with firmer boundaries and then loosen those up a bit as you establish an on-going relationship with clients as opposed to being super available all the time and then having to change it later. 

2) What sort of client do you want?
Are you happy with one-off sessions or do you want consistency? 
Is it important to you that they are committed to their internal work or do you not care so much?
What is their personality like? How do they respond in your sessions?
Are they early on in their spiritual journey or many years in? In between?

Try getting clear on this early on so you only attract the people you WANT to work with. I have found in doing both intuitive work and more therapeutic type work, that I prefer the therapy style work. They both work hand in hand, but I have found that the people that come to me for readings are less dedicated to their personal work and have a spiritual addiction. I prefer working with people long-term as well, which is not typical of intuitive work.

3) Spiritual Addiction. 
Being out + proud psychic means we may attract people who are spiritually addicted. These people go from healer to healer, reading to reading. Or they want to book readings every week or something. They believe you are their bridge to Spirit and don't realize/care about developing their own practice. 

While this is a tempting situation as it means more income for you, do your best to not do readings for the same person more than once every 2 months. It is important to have time in between readings where people can integrate and do their own work. It takes time for things to settle and plant seeds in our consciousness. 

I also recommend explaining this to them! If they don't understand, okay, but it is important you educate where possible. 

4) When people think you should work for free. 
Many of you probably saw my post on instagram about how I was invited to a party only to realize after getting there that I was expected to be a medium for an audience. But I have heard MANY horror stories along these lines. When people find out you read tarot or do this work, they will be interested. This can lead to things like...

"Wanna come over? Bring your cards!"
"I am having a major issue (spends 20 min telling story) and then asks 'So what are you "getting" around this?'"
"Will you read this guy I met on Tinder?"
And many more!

All of these things put you in a tough spot and are totally unfair. It is one thing for friends to read for each other, it is another for it to be one sided all the time. Here are some responses you can use:

"I would love to come over! But I've been doing so many readings and I need a break from work." (emphasize that it is WORK)
"I was listening as a friend and am happy to tell you what I think as one, but I am not in a space right now to read this situation. If you want to schedule a session we can."
"It is actually not cool to read people without their permission, do you have a good feeling about him?"

5) "I watch Long Island Medium."
You will most likely get people who will have seen psychic work on TV and that is about the extent of their experience. TV is a double-edged sword...it gets people into this world but it also comes with some misconceptions. It is important that you explain how YOU work so they know what to expect. I typically say something along these lines (during mediumship sessions anyway):

"So all mediums and intuitives are different. I receive my information through feeling, knowing and visioning. In a mediumship session, I communicate with the spirits you have around you and serve as a channel for what they want to say. Sometimes this means we have to work on interpreting it together, it is a dialogue between you and I and Spirit. I don't want you to be super forthcoming with information but please don't be with holding or try to "test" me. Please validate with a yes or no when I receive something. Also please understand that they show up the same way in death as you knew them in life. Someone who was super quiet in life is not all of a sudden going to be bubbly and talkative otherwise you won't be able to recognize them."

Establish how the work goes, how you work, what they can expect and the things you do NOT do.