In the years I have been doing intuitive work, I have repeatedly heard "I wish I could be psychic!" To which I always reply: YOU ARE! So I began teaching intuitive development which was so fun. But not everyone can afford 1-1 work and I firmly believe in things being accessible. So! I created this course and made it pay-what-you-can. 

There are 9 total segments:
The Clairsenses (clarvoyant, claircognizant, etc)
Your Practice / Meditation, Journeying, Spirit + Signs
Boundaries (with Spirit + humans)
The Cassandra Complex
Anxiety, Judgement + Trust
Intuition + the Body
Building Your Dictionary
The Exercises
Bonus segment: Professional Intuitive Work

You will also have access to the facebook group where you can ask me questions and connect with others to do practice readings. The course is sliding scale and I will happily accept whatever you can honestly afford, but please do not take advantage of  the flexible payment (i.e. if you can afford $60, please do not pay $10).