"Blaire came into my life after I started to step into my psychic abilities and did not know what to do. I started asking within myself for a teacher who could help me on this journey. I asked for a deeply balanced mentor. One who can guide me how living with both feminine and masculine energies in balance, instead of feeling overpowered. I asked for a teacher who did not fear the shadow, but embraced it as a healing tool and could help me do the same. I asked for someone who left space for me to express my deepest self, and the guidance to find the rest of my soul that was hidden away. And the moment I met Blaire, I realized all of my prayers were listened to and answered. Thank you Blaire for your deep emotional understanding, for your ability to understand my healing needs, and your overflowing amount of love and support along the way. It took me weeks to write down what Blaire has done for me because I could not put into words the amount of soulful healing and understanding I have felt. Thank you thank you thank you."

Every day, I hear something to the effect of "I can't do that stuff" or "I am not a psychic." But I am here to say: Yes you can. And I will show you. 

You can expect a one hour video call each week, some homework after each session and 24/7 text access to me! This program is truly tailor-made for you. 

These one-on-one lessons will meet you wherever you are at in your psychic development and take you as far as you want to go. Beginners are absolutely welcome! The program is a minimum of one month long, but we will establish how many sessions you will need in our consultation.

One month is $450, each additional week is $111. 

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