Everyone deserves the opportunity to heal. 

One of the worst things I experienced early on in my spiritual journey was being so willing and excited to do the work and then finding teachers who charged prices that were simply out of reach for me. I 100% believe in charging your worth, but I am a spiritual teacher because I love holding space for others to transform their lives - and that will always be my first priority.

I want to remain accessible to people who are committed to themselves and their healing. Which is why I offer sacred scholarships, or a sliding scale. It is important to me that you invest in yourself and our work together, so what you pay must reflect that, it should be an investment - but I am not the one who decides what an investment is for you. It could be $30! I do not know. The fee should be enough that you make our work a priority, but not so much that it sends you into a panic. I say this as someone who has received MANY teachings due to a sliding scale offering.

The form below is for people applying to the 1 or 3 month programs that would also like to receive a sliding scale. Do not fill this out if you are doing standalone sessions, simply book your appointment via my scheduler (it will capture your credit card but I charge manually). 

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Please understand I happily meet people's needs!