Our body is more than a temple for our soul. It is like a keystroke to every thought, feeling, memory, experience, the subconscious and our intuition.

I often talk to people who seem to be more focused on their spiritual connection and view the body as a meat suit that isn't divine. There is a push toward enlightenment, but not rooting. But we need both - having open upper chakras but closed off lower chakras (which is very common) is the perfect recipe for anxiety, racing thoughts, paranoia and chronic pain. And if we are going to live as a spiritual being in this dense world, we absolutely must be grounded in our body and reality. 

And the body is an intelligent thing! While astral projection is fun and exciting, diving into our own body can lead us to things we never expected, unlocking a whole new potential. It can show you what lives in the depths of your soul. And it never lies.

So, for a moment, find stillness. Close your eyes and just breathe. Then when you feel ready, ask your body what a "yes" feels like. When you get an answer, thank it. Then ask it what a "no" feels like. It most likely will be subtle and not what you expect. I thought I would feel it in my stomach and was surprised to feel both answers in my feet. See what comes to you and remember them, maybe even consider writing it down. 

Depending on how connected you feel to your body, you can take it at whatever speed you want. If we have a lot of trauma, connecting to the body can be a challenge because it may feel like an unsafe place to be. That is okay. Simply begin a dialogue with it and ask it what it needs from you. 

The reason I feel so passionate about every person's ability to tap into the body's wisdom is because in times of stress or major decisions, it can be the thing that gives us the most clarity. During those moments we feel desperate, we think we need a bunch of readings, we are over-analyzing everything and if the heart + brain are in a battle, everything is compounded and we are left in a place of utter confusion. But if we drop in, we can find space, stillness and the answers we are looking for. 

Another good way to begin a dialogue with the body is to check in with it and intuitively see what is happening within your own system, we do this through a body scan. 

Find a comfortable position, whether sitting or laying. Spend a couple minutes focusing on the breath, fully inhaling and exhaling. When you feel ready, start scanning your body with your mind's eye. Begin at your feet, and see what you notice. Maybe there is a certain color there, maybe there is a cold feeling, maybe there is a stuck feeling, maybe you see imagery, just make note of it. Slowly move up the body, checking in on your knees, upper legs, hips/pelvis, stomach, chest, arms, neck and head. End when it feels complete. 

If you need a notebook near you so you can write things down while doing this - that's totally great. After finishing, you may or may not think that there is a bunch of stuff you need to "fix." But this is not the case. Simply thank your body for opening up to you, and then in another session, you can ask those places in your body what they need from you. 

While this exercise is not the typical "psychic" work where you are reading another person, what it is doing is creating a container. Which we need. We need to know our own internal system inside and out so we can know when something is up, if we are taking on other people's stuff, or when we do not have the space for other's.