Most of us have 2-3 primary clairsenses, but often times when we are just beginning it is one sense that wakes us up.  You'll be in the grocery store and you get a vision and you aren't sure what the fuck it is but then the exact thing in your vision happens...then there is no denying it. These experiences draw us out of our sleeping lives. 

Most my whole life, I was unconsciously claircognizant (clear knowing) and clairsentient (clear feeling). When someone would tell me a story, I would get frustrated with them making sure to tell me all the details because I already knew them. It also helped me thoroughly understand all the layers to people and their experiences without them telling me. When I started opening up spiritually however, I started getting flashes of images randomly. I remember driving home from work one day and getting a vision of my neighbor in jeans and a grey tshirt washing his car...lo and behold, when I got home, there he was in that outfit washing his car. These started coming on more regularly until when I learned mediumship and it became my most relied-upon clairsense. 

If you feel like you already use a couple of yours - great! If not, reflect upon them below and decide which ones you want to work on developing.

As you open up to intuitive work and knowing, you will find you rely on different clairsenses at different times. They each provide their own unique gifts, but you are able to nurture all of them if you want to do that too.





Clairvoyance is visioning or seeing images or scenes in your mind’s eye. This is a highly active clair for people who have spent a lot of their time in their imagination, visualizing things or are just visual people. You may not consider yourself a visual human, but you can stimulate this clairsense in a couple of ways:

If you are unable to create an image using your imagination, try visualizing a memory you have.

Listening and forming a mental picture.
This could be listening to an audiobook, the tv without looking at the screen, etc. When people are talking to you, you try to picture it in your mind while hearing them.

Working with your physical sight:
1) This can be done anywhere you are. Simply sit and see what you notice out of your periphery...all of the things that typically go unnoticed. Spend time taking in the full scene while not looking at anything directly. Which can feel weird and confusing, but if you soften your gaze (similar to zoning out) like you are looking at one specific point, you can then open up your sight sense to everything around that point.
2) Another aspect of physical sight, would be again, holding your gaze in one specific spot and softening and then noticing what happens to the space around you. You may notice that everything starts to move or shift, or maybe it looks like there's waves or rhythm to the movement. That’s great! And you may not get it on the first time, that is totally fine, keep trying!





Claircognizance is the basis of intuitive work – we are all claircognizant because it is simply a knowing. However, people who are more in touch with this clair sense are people who are very analytical and spend a lot of time in their mind. 

Claircognizance often flies under the radar because it is not as glamorous as clairvoyance or clairaudience – it takes time to be able to recognize its subtle nature. It is more than likely not an “aha!” all the time. It is a part of you. Unlike the other senses, this one does not need interpretation, because you all of a sudden have exact information.

The difference between your thoughts and claircognizance is a matter of its origin. When you are actively thinking, you are the origin of the thought, you are generating it. But receiving information through this clairsense is more passive, you are observing. The information typically interrupts your own thoughts. It often has nothing to do with what you are thinking about. I find that it is often the opposite of popular belief, the logical mind or what we want. 

You have a bad feeling about someone even though everyone else loves them and you want to
You really want to go to a party but you have a bad feeling
You receive information about future outcomes
You get really fucking good ideas

We are not always proven right...but that doesn't matter, honor your gut!




Clairaudience is receiving energetic information by hearing it.

People who are predisposed to clairaudience tend to hear more than most people. They are more sensitive to sounds. They may experiencing tinnitus a lot, or ringing in the ears. Musicians are often clairaudient as well.

Like other clairsenses, the way to stimulate your clairaudience is by using your sense of hearing:

Sit in silence
Tune in to all of the sound around you – birds, people talking in the distance, a car on the highway, etc. Try to see how far you can hear, how many sounds you can pick out of the rhythmic sound around you.

Listen to music
Try to separate the different parts. For example, hear the guitar, then focus solely on the vocals, then the bass, then the drums. 

Sing your own song
When you have the space, ask to receive a song for the moment. So if you are making dinner, ask for a song (not a known song) you can sing as an offering - it may feel like you are making it up but that's okay.




Clairsentience is feeling energetic information in your body. And it can be a double-edged sword as it is most often found in empaths. While it is a very helpful gift, we can also experience physical pain and discomfort if we are unconsciously absorbing other people's energy. Our body absorbs their energy and is doing its best to communicate it with you, but sometimes we just don't have the time to deal with that! I will touch more on this in the "boundaries" section later on, but know there are ways to work on that. 

If we want to develop clairsentience, working with our own body and feelings is super helpful. 

You can:

- When you are feeling something, try to identify where the feeling in your body lives. 
- Vice versa, when you have discomfort in your body, identify the emotional aspects of the physical discomfort.
- Any grounding or working on being more present in the body is helpful, focusing on physical sensation in different situations (in water, in clothing, hands on steering wheel, etc) is very helpful. Ramp up your physical senses! 


Clairgustance + Clairsalience


These are receiving energetic information through smell and taste. I don’t come across these super often, and most typically experience or see them while in readings with other people.

Again, we want to stimulate our physical senses. 

- eating slow, separating all the different flavors in a meal
- when possible, remove your sight and sound sense and focus on what you can experience in the world via smell.

- identify what different flavors and smells mean to you...does root beer make you happy? does the smell of lavender remind you of a specific memory? Spirit and our intuition often communicates to us via our own experiences, so if you are in a reading and taste root beer, it could mean there is a sense of happiness in the client.