Boundaries with Spirit

One of the things I hear often from people is that they are drawn to intuitive work, but also have fear around what may come up if they open the floodgates. Typically they are afraid of receiving visions and information they don't want to and attracting unwanted entities or spirits, etc.

And this is totally understandable, especially for many people who have grown up in a religious environment where there is a huge stigma around this sort of work. Working with the unknown can feel daunting - like we are inviting in things we do not know how to handle. 

But this is the thing – you are always in control.
You get to set the boundaries.

I connect with a lot of people who have had disturbing visions or unwanted feelings, but I find this most often in people who have repressed their intuition. When you set your boundaries, you are giving clear instructions around what you want and don’t want. For example, my mediumship teacher does not want to receive anything medical – that is an established rule with her, and in turn, she does not receive any information like that. I do not want to feel anyone's emotions who I am not specifically connecting to for work, and for the most part, I don't. 

You are in control, it is on your terms. When we intentionally work to connect to our intuition, I have found that it is easier to set boundaries with our own gifts and with spirit. While I am hypothesizing, I believe that when we have an understanding of our own senses and our intuition is not trying to force us to listen, we create a clear channel where things won't surprisingly overwhelm us as much. I have also found that since using my gifts more actively, I am not receiving information unintentionally, which is important. We want to be open but also have empowered boundaries. 


Boundaries with other humans

One of my major frustrations in the spiritual community is that people think that simply being spiritual gives them a permission slip to do whatever they want and because they have "good intentions" it absolves them of any responsibility. This often means that they believe they can use their intuition to get into other people's shit. But you are hearing this now: this is not okay, do not do this. 

Being a human, we will always have gut feelings. You may see someone on the train and not have a good feeling. Or meet a friend-of-a-friend and think "something is off here." We can’t really stop this, it is hardwired into our DNA to be able to make judgments that better our survival. In our modern world, this translates to evaluating all the people we come into contact with.

With that being said, we do need to put up boundaries that prevent us from infringing on another's privacy. This is stating our intentions: "I do not want any information about people unless I am doing it intentionally and with permission." Again, of course you will have feelings, of course things will come to you, but it is important you establish the boundaries around permission – you don’t need any psychic information unless it pertains to you directly or if you are doing it for someone else.

When we first start doing psychic work, it is super exciting and we want to do it all the time. I totally GET that. However, please view it the way you would physical space or asking someone questions you may not know very well.

For example, when you are at Starbucks, you are not going to drape an arm over the person in front of you in line. You also aren’t going to tap them and ask if they cheat on their partner. Think of intuitive work the same – you are not to read people without their permission, as you are getting in their space, energetic record and most likely receiving information they may not want you to know. You may view it as harmless, but how would you feel if people were doing that to you? Probably not great.

In this course, you will be reading a few people. This is with their permission and only within the parameters given.

Another important aspect of this is that you don’t want to receive information on the people around you. You may think “I am receiving this for a reason.” And maybe some important info will unintentionally come through, but tread lightly:

- your friends/family may not want that info
- it will often strain the relationship
- they may not take you seriously
- it’s not your business!

They are in charge of their life and you can let life unfold the way it needs to. Now, if you have an agreement with someone where they want the info that slips through, sure, that’s different. But have the conversations and create the container that allow for that sort of thing (cough cough, set up a reading with them). 

Remember, being psychic means we are human. It does not make us God. Don't fool yourself into thinking that because you are intuitive that you now must heal the world and save everyone.