Welcome to the Shadow Alchemy initiation! Our shadow is essentially our subconscious - it is the aspects of ourselves that remain hidden. If you have ever wondered why you do something, this course is for you. This work helps us make significant, long term changes in our lives. Maybe you have some awareness but are not sure where to go from there. Maybe you have dabbled in it a bit but didn't dive deep. Or maybe you haven't and have no idea what the fuck shadow work means. These are all fine! 

I recommend spending a few days working through the material. It may not feel like a lot, but we are working with our subconscious brain. So it is not so important how quickly we can absorb everything, as we want to take the time to allow the new concepts to settle into our subconscious. 

Make sure to join the FACEBOOK GROUP - you can ask your questions + share your journey. I will be here ready to support you!