I am incredibly grateful to have been introduced to Blaire Porter.  The healing journey I took guided by Blaire was one of the most life changing and empowering experiences I have ever had.  Blaire taught me how to look inside myself and seek the answers I have been looking for my whole life. She helped me breakdown obstacles that have prevented me from moving forward into the future with the joy and spiritual awareness I was eagerly searching for.  She taught me visualization methods and gave me helpful communication tips that I use to help guide me through each day.   I am forever thankful and I am excited to learn more from her.


"Blaire came into my life after I started to step into my psychic abilities and did not know what to do. I started asking within myself for a teacher who could help me on this journey. I asked for a deeply balanced mentor. One who can guide me how living with both feminine and masculine energies in balance, instead of feeling overpowered. I asked for a teacher who did not fear the shadow, but embraced it as a healing tool and could help me do the same. I asked for someone who left space for me to express my deepest self, and the guidance to find the rest of my soul that was hidden away. And the moment I met Blaire, I realized all of my prayers were listened to and answered. Thank you Blaire for your deep emotional understanding, for your ability to understand my healing needs, and your overflowing amount of love and support along the way. It took me weeks to write down what Blaire has done for me because I could not put into words the amount of soulful healing and understanding I have felt. Thank you thank you thank you."

        - Caitlainne

I'm so thankful that the universe brought me to Blaire Porter.  I took the chakra test on a whim and decided to order a custom wrap based on my results.  When I received my wrap it was more beautiful then I could have ever imagined!  The little information cards that explained the different properties of each stone selected for me was a wonderful touch.  The colors and overall quality of the piece was pure perfection!  I'm so grateful for the energy reading I received with my order...it was spot on and the comfort and love I've received from that one reading really blew me away and were perfectly timed in my life!  The personal nature coupled with superb customer service and  such unique and beautiful products makes shopping a true pleasure.  Blaire has made me a customer for life!  

- Ann C. 

I love my custom wrap the colors and the energy it gave me was incredible! It's beautiful and I have worn it everyday since I received it 5 months ago. I also requested a reading and the letter I received from blaire was exactly what I needed to hear - even though I didn't know I needed to hear it yet. It was very thoughtful and kind, but most importantly insightful. It helped me a lot when I received it and continues to. I love that Blaire promotes positive spirituality and intention. 

- Astrid B. 

I could not be happier with my custom piece! Not only was the chakra test right on, but the reading Blaire did that came with it was exactly what I needed. The bracelet was made of my favorite colors  and each stone has a beautiful purpose which corresponds with my chakras. At the time of purchase I was doing past life healing and really opening up to my own healing and intuitive abilities. The stones in my custom made bracelet are Black Tourmaline, Moss Opal, and Amethyst. Black Tourmaline helps heal past-life trauma. Moss Opal helps ease change in life and transformations. Amethyst is an all purpose healers stone and increases all intuitive and psychic abilities. Hello!! How perfect is that! I would purchase this custom piece a million times over! The process is so simple in comparison to what you get. A hand written note also accompanied my purchase. I think it is the little personal touches that makes Blaire's work so amazing! 

- Molly L.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the wonderful custom made bracelet that you made for me a few weeks ago. I found you at a point in my life when I really needed some guidance in deciding what direction to go in my life (career, where to live, how to get over sadness and anger stemming from my childhood, etc.). I found your chakra test online and took it. No surprise that my root, sacral and solar plexus were all very low in energy. I thought that I could "fix" that by myself but spent the next few weeks wondering about whether or not I should just send you the results and have you make me a bracelet. Then I went with my gut. A few weeks later, the most gorgeous single wrap bracelet, with all of my favorite colors and stones (turquoise, amethyst, and labradorite) showed up at my door. It was wrapped beautifully in a cloth bag but what accompanied it was even more amazing...a personal reading. It couldn't have been more spot on - I felt as though you were speaking from your heart and truly knew me. Thank you so much for the wonderful work that you do!

- Jessica M. 

Buying my custom wrap from Blaire was such a lovely and unique experience. I was able to take the chakra test, describe what is currently happening in my life, and provide information about my color preferences. As a result, my piece is not only gorgeous but is a perfect fit for me and has a beautiful energy attached to it. The energy reading I received was spot on and really resonates with me and what is going on in my life right now. The reading provided me with a lot of peace and an intention that was just what I was looking for. Thank you!

- Mackenzie N. 

I was absolutely so happy with the beautiful healing custom piece I received from Blaire. I started by taking the chakra test and it told me the areas that I need to work on then I was sent jewelry which helped bring those chakras to a higher vibration. I also received information about the crystals in my bracelet. I have had a couple of conversations with Blaire since I bought my piece and she has been so supportive with my healing. I would definitely recommend a custom wrap from Indigo Reign. A beautiful spirit with superb service and a outstanding gift for healing jewelry. Namaste! 

-Kezia J.

Thank you so much for the gorgeous bracelet and reading. Both were right on! I have been working on grounding like you suggested, as well as doing my energy protection intention daily. Both are so helpful and make me more mindful of the negativity that I need to deflect throughout my days. Thank you again for giving me tools and a kick start to self care. Blessings to you! 

- Kim B.